Uke Day 4 (but Lesson 2)

So, it’s Day 4 of this new “writing things that are good, kind, fun, or whatever.” And it’s also Day 4 of me trying to learn ukulele. Here’s how it’s gone:

Day 1 (Lesson 1): Holy buckets! I played a song on the ukulele! This teacher is amazing! Ukuleles are amazing! I’M amazing!

Day 2 (Lesson 2): Huh. Okay, so I just… Huh. Nope, that wasn’t it. Did he just….? Ummm…. Just keep going. Okay, I know that chord. Strum diddly um… Wow. How’d he do that so fast? Well, huh. … Well, I logged the class, I guess.

Day 3 (back to Lesson 1): Yes! This ukulele IS my sunshine! And, okay, now I actually can play those three chords more quickly. And those other songs he recommended. Okay. We’re back on, uke.

Day 4 (Lesson 2): What the??? Seriously, how can he go that fast? WHY ARE YOU GOING SO FAST?! Okay, okay, okay… Strum strum strum strum strum strum… Oh, jeez…

Day 5 (still on Lesson 2):

The key to completing Lesson 2 succesfully… 0.5 playback speed!

THERE’S YOUR RIPTIDE RIFF, “ANDY GUITAR”! Whew. I knew I’d finish Day 2.

So my goal by Day 7? Get through Lesson 2 at full speed playback. My overall goal? Finish through Lesson 10. Maybe by August.

I’m grateful for brain plasticity and teaching old fingers new tricks.

2 thoughts on “Uke Day 4 (but Lesson 2)”

  1. Lol! Good for you for sticking with it so far. I’ve been on my “Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless” (for kids) lesson on and off for two years now. Maybe, in another ten years I’ll be able to play without the book.

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    1. Ha! That’s the best title for lessons! I’ll have to see if they have that for ukulele, too. I’m impressed with your two year dedication. Two weeks seems to feel like an intense commitment to me these days. 😉


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