Sunshiny Sunday

I played my very first song on my very green, very clearly purchased for $4 in Cambodia (read: is out of tune after about two minutes), yet still very delightful ukulele. You are indeed my only sunshine.

I’m grateful for the legs that carried me miles on the trail, letting me see waterfalls and wolf(?) prints. Even the mold was beautiful.


Western Waterfront and Wabegon

With soft-surface trails in town closed until they dry, the Western Waterfront’s gravel was a welcome way to feel closer to nature. The raucous band of geese, chickadees, and redwing blackbirds played perfectly while the sun quietly set.

My first visit to the Wabegon made me say, “I could live near here.” Watching others wolf down the most obscene cuts of prime rib didn’t deter me from fully enjoying my veggie wrap.