One New Thing (Revisited)…

Maybe five years ago or so, I had that seven-year itch with this cute little city that I call home. I started a blog and did then wrote about One New Thing Each Week (and even wrote about it again last year).

Well, I’m finding myself in that same itchy place. I’m feeling a little stagnant here, even though I know it’s an absolutely lovely place for so many reasons. Maybe it’s having been through the Polar Vortex or through the almost snowiest February on record (it’s not over yet…). Really, there are likely a bunch of reasons about this year so far that are making it feel a little claustrophobic.

And all of last year likely isn’t helping either. While living in Cambodia, I’m certain I rewired (read: effed) my brain by having change and novelty flooding my neurons nonstop. New people, new experiences, new languages, new foods, new cultures… … …

And now I’m back where I’d been before.

It’s like I’ve strip-mined Duluth for all the things I like to do, and now I find myself in a place where I’ve got to invest much more to dig deeper to find something that is interesting and novel. I’ve tried the beginner’s mindset and, while I’ll continue to try to cultivate this level of curiosity, it’s just not doing it for me at this point.

I once had a friend tell me that “reheating the soup” is rarely a good idea, but I’m going back to New Things. It’s really an old concept, but it’s about doing new things (or at least that’s how I’m spinning it). I’ll aim for one a week, which shouldn’t be that hard, but I now have another issue. I’ve made some decisions lately in my life that mean that funds are a little low (still recuperating from last year’s unexpected year-long unemployment, took a reduction at work to create a more manageable workload, planning more travel this coming summer, etc.). So just to make things a bit more challenging, I’m going to do One New Free Thing each week. Or as close to that as I can (rules are bendy, right???).

Alright, I’m heading out the door to do my first New Free Thing, and it incorporates two elements of things that make me incredibly uncomfortable:

  1. Actually having to socialize directly with strangers in an unstructured way, and
  2. Being asked to perform a physical task in front of people or to “keep up” with others.

You (lucky, lucky you) will get to read about it next week.

(P.S. Please feel free to put suggestions in the comments!)