The students in the course I’m coordinating and partially teaching took their midterm today. They’re half way through the course (and evidently retaining a lot of info from the looks of midterm scores so far). Which means my work here is well over half finished.

Just this week, I started to really, really feel like I’m just living and working here. Like, this is where I live. I don’t feel like I’m exploring more than I did back in D-town. I don’t feel like the day-to-day life is so novel any more.

I guess this just happens.

I was asked today if the honeymoon period was over. Seems so.

The excitement of crossing a road for the first time (seriously) is gone. Now biking in the traffic feels like just something that happens (albeit joyfully). There are no longer any flutters of excitement (or anxiety) about getting a tuk tuk, or going to the market, or telling the sandwich lady I don’t want meat. It all just starts to feel ordinary. Thanks, brain! (why isn’t there a ‘sarcasm’ font variant like there is underlining or italics?)

There are a zillion things that would likely still seem interesting compared to life back “home”. When a new instructor comes, I get to hear about all the things that I don’t see as new any more. How hard the rain falls and how big the puddles get and how the traffic gets all messy when it rains. How all the tuk tuk drivers try to get them to pay way more than they need to and how they never know where they’re going and how you have to try to tell them in English where you’re trying to go. How it’s so hot that you just sweat all the time and how you can barely stay hydrated and how you can barely stand to walk anywhere without nearly cooking. All the things I was likely saying a few months ago.

I mean, I’m still learning so much every moment. About how to establish boundaries. About how to find, schedule and pay interpreters. About how to be compassionate. About so many things my head spins some days. But not in an explore-y kind of way.

I guess this is where Phase 2 begins. Explore outside the city? Travel on weekends? Seek out events in town? Find novelty within the day-to-day? We shall see where it goes.

Maybe next week I’ll send you pictures of all the meat I’ve been eating lately. Not kidding…. Gotta find novelty somewhere, right? Poor animals, lucky palate.

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