Gettin’ Groceries

So, as everyone knows, there’s very different food stuffs to be had on the streets of Phnom Penh (and everywhere around Southeast Asia, for sure). I’ve had frogs, but not much else in the way of crazy stuff. I don’t always like eating things for the shock factor, especially if it used to be alive. Don’t get me wrong – clearly I do it occasionally, but it’s not a frequent thing. This is why I call myself a “loose” vegetarian, after all.

Regardless, there are still things that are out of the ordinary even in the vegetarian world. And they’re even at the grocery stores (although much of it seems to be imported from the surrounding area or from France).

Since I’m not feeling too much like generating public words right now, here are some non-shocking, mostly-grocery-store pictures of food for you (some from markets, roadside stands, from carts, from the kitchen…). Just a tiny smidge outside of the ordinary. Enjoy!

Bean and Nut Yogurt
Bean and Nut Yogurt
I *think* this is aloe yogurt…
Who knew aloe could be so delicious???
This thing was like a Zinger! Remember those things? Except made by a real bakery and with a fraction of the sugar.
Taro popsicle? Holy goodness! Also a bus treat…
Boiled peanuts. No, thanks. I’ll take mine not boiled next time.
This one’s included only because a sweet student bought it for me one night!


Had to get these. They’re evidently mine.
These tasted like ass.

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